The primary content of Newtz Blog highlights Climate Change and the potential dangers to our planet and all species inhabiting it.

I tend to focus on the reality and consequences of as little as a 2 degree average rise in global temperature as this is the scientific, political and international agreed tipping point for dangerous climate change. Some are sceptical, and i suggest they wake up and observe the changes that we are experiencing over a dramatic short time within our own lifetime. Hard decisions need to be made, and made now !.

To set the scene … scientists looking at the standard model projections have become leery of 2 degrees. Here’s what the scientists over at RealClimate said back in 2009:

We feel compelled to note that even a “moderate” warming of 2°C stands a strong chance of provoking drought and storm responses that could challenge civilized society, leading potentially to the conflict and suffering that go with failed states and mass migrations.

Global warming of 2°C would leave the Earth warmer than it has been in millions of years, a disruption of climate conditions that have been stable for longer than the history of human agriculture. Given the drought that already afflicts Australia, the crumbling of the sea ice in the Arctic, and the increasing storm damage after only 0.8°C of warming so far, calling 2°C a danger limit seems to us pretty cavalier.

However, the IPCC (which provides the stearage for policymakersi nternationally), has an inherently conservative bias (as scientists do), they have consistently underestimated the rate and intensity of climate change – Consequently countries have been dragging their feet simply because they didn’t understand the real and immediate effects.

If we take the wrong decision, or even no decision the outcome can and will be catastrophic …….. we don’t get a second chance. I fear we may not even get a choice !

I have recently had such a difficult and potentially life changing decision to make in my own life. Despite my wife and children being terrified by the possible outcome, both they, and myself new there could only be one choice. I have made that choice … as above, i won’t get a second chance.

Let me remind readers of this N. American native saying. …

We are the custodians of this planet ….We do not own it, we have only borrowed it from our children.

I Hope that My Blog serves as a message to those on this planet …. Long after I have gone ……….


From time to time i will add content or comment on other issues that i feel i have an opinion about.


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  1. nickmcguinness Says:

    Hi Nick here.
    For some reason I can’t use my WordPress ID (which you can PM to) on sfmonitor – so my Avatar on there has reverted to Stakhanov, not a pint of Guinness!
    So please PM me here ( a Googlemail account).
    I’ll confirm this on sfmonitor

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