Earth Log Dec 2012:

We have already locked in a guaranteed 3.5 Degree Celsius global temperature rise with the accumulated emissions to date. The full effect of what we have pumped into our atmosphere as of todate will be felt in 15 to 20 years time, and we continue to add to the culmative basket of greenhouse gases at a rate in excess of 2.5% per year. Peak emissions are at some uncertain point in the future storing further damage for future decades. Planet change has been already been triggered and we are set on a trajectory that we still have time to steer along a path of decreasing options. The main path leads toward mass extinction by as early as 2300 AD and currently that is the path we have chosen. Survival of some our species is not guaranteed but is still possible if we have the courge to make the necessary tough decisions immediately and steer off the main path. Every year we stall the path becomes steeper, the options decrease and the ability to steer off the slope even harder until we reach the tipping point where the final destination becomes inevitable, and unquestionably, basic human survival insticts kick in as our climate becomes incompatible with civilised and organised global society.


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